WP Mapbox GL JS Maps

The most complete plugin available for Mapbox for Wordpress.

Make your maps come true.

Premium Features

Custom Icons

Pick from over 100 preset icons in 4 colors, or upload your own.


Categorize your markers or shapes, and create a front-end filter.

Store Locator

Build a store locator using Mapbox's great smooth zoom technology.

3D Shapes

Use Mapbox's 3D abilities to create complex three-dimensional shapes on your map.

Pricing: One Size Fits All

WP Mapbox GL JS comes at an affordable price with a huge range of features.



$140 year

  • Unlimited licenses on your sites
  • All features included
  • Support within 24 hours
  • New feature requests accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

See our full documentation at Mapster.me, updated regularly.

  • Download the free plugin directly from Wordpress Plugins. This plugin contains places where you can enter in license keys that you purchase for premium features, so no other installations needed!

  • You'll have to enter in your Mapbox access token after installing the plugin. Once you're all set up, go to the Mapbox Maps post type to create dedicated maps.

    We are developing a Gutenberg editor, too!

  • The free version doesn't cost you a dime (that's why it's free)! But there are a lot of features that aren't included. Additional features, listed on this page, are sold either in modules for $10 each, or included in the full Advanced plugin for $50.

  • Maintaining this plugin is not our only work, and this plugin is still new and expanding. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours, and we strive to address bugs and release fixes for your needs as soon as possible. We are open to developing new features for your needs!

  • In the shortcode usage, add the attributes ' height="400px" ' and ' width="100%" ' . In the main post editor with Gutenberg, adjust it inside the "Map Look & Feel" section.

  • We definitely do! We are one of Mapbox's preferred developers and we do all kinds of projects. This is a project that we can adapt to your needs -- or build something else totally custom. Get in touch with us.

About Mapster

Mapster Technology is the company behind WP Mapbox GL JS Maps.
We love everything about mapping, and we work closely with Mapbox behind the scenes
to ensure everything is working the best it can.


WP Mapbox GL JS Maps is a plugin created and maintained by Mapster Technology Inc. We are a Vancouver-based startup. We love everything about mapping, and we work closely with Mapbox behind the scenes to ensure everything is working the best it can.

Vancouver, BC, Canada


We build complex custom map solutions, whether addons to this plugin or whatever your company needs.

Get in touch with us here.