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Importing/Exporting with Map Creator

Map Creator Import and Export

In addition to importing from Mapbox datasets, you can also import geographic files directly into the Map Editor page.

Select the tab on the left under the map that says “Import” and you will see an area where you can drag-and-drop a KML, CSV, or geoJSON file with geographic information. Make sure you have validated your file and that you know it is formatted correctly before you upload!

When you import, your Points, Polygons, and LineStrings will populate the different sections of WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced so that you can edit them further.


Note: the properties and data you include with your file can be preselected to work with the marker titles, colors, and other properties in WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced. We have provided a sample geoJSON below for you to use as a guide if you wish to do this instead of using the editor directly.

Test Export.json

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