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Secret Token and Username

Adding your username

In order to do the API calls required to get your information from Mapbox, WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced needs your username. Your username can be found on the Dashboard of your Mapbox account. See the following screenshot for an example from our Mapster account.

Once your have your username, enter it into the Settings page in WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced and press Save Credentials.

Ensure that the username has been saved properly. Good job!

Getting a Secret Token from Mapbox

You also need to get a Secret Token from your Mapbox account in order to allow us to access your Datasets and list them for you. We do not save your tokens anywhere outside of your own WordPress account.

To create a token, go to the Access Tokens section of your Mapbox account and press “Create Token”. A popup will appear with some options — you need to select a few important ones that match the image below. Specifically, you need to include the “List: Datasets” and “Write: Datasets” permissions in order for us to get your dataset information.

Once you have included these permissions, press “Create Token” and copy your token. Go to your WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced settings page, and enter in that secret token, and press “Save Credentials”. Make sure things have saved correctly, and you’re good to go!

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