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Editing Properties

This feature is available in WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced. Please note this is an advanced feature and you need to have an understanding of geoJSONs to use this properly.

Properties are part of the geoJSON specification that Mapbox, and WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced, make use of. Properties are entered into a feature as part of its geoJSON code, which is visible in Mapbox dataset editors:

You can also edit these properties in WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced. This is not a feature that you will often need to use, but it can help when you are managing datasets and want your Mapbox features and WP Mapbox GL JS features to be in sync.

To edit properties, click on the Properties button after you have selected a shape.

This will bring up a modal where you can add, edit, or delete properties from this feature object. You can also add more in case you want them available in your dataset, or just view them.

The title and the description will affect the name of the feature in WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced, and the description will show in the popup. Otherwise, our “internal” properties are not displayed here.

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