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Access Token

In order to use WP Mapbox GL JS, you will need to get a Mapbox account and Access Token. Here, we’ll walk you through that process.

  1. Visit Mapbox Signup and create an account for yourself or your organization.
  2. Once you have logged in, visit your Account page.
  3. Scroll down — you should see an area where Access Tokens are visible, as in the image below.

    Your access token is visible in a place like this in Mapbox.
  4. Copy your Mapbox Access Token using the small blue “copy” button, or just highlight the text and “Copy”.
  5. Go to the WP Mapbox GL JS Settings page in your WordPress installation, and paste your Access Token. Press the Save button. It should look like the screenshot below:

    Enter your Mapbox Access Token and press Save Settings.
  6. You’re ready to make your maps now!
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