Please note — we have deprecated this plugin in favor of a new Mapbox-related plugin. Please migrate to as this plugin is no longer supported.
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Map Options



Center allows you to specify initial longitude and latitude. Ensure you place these in the correct LNG LAT order for Mapbox GL JS! If a center is not specified, your style will provide one.



Zoom allows you to set an initial zoom for the user. You may use decimals. If zoom is not specified, your style will provide one.

Range: 0 (low zoom) to 22 (high zoom).



Pitch defines the tilt of the map on load.

Range: 0 to 60.



Bearing defines the initial angle of the map rotated around its central point.

Range: 0 degrees to 360 degrees.


height="600px" // tall map
width="100%" // full width of map
width="50px" // very narrow map

Height and Width will define the pixel height and width of your map. You can enter any value you would normally enter with CSS for these values (%, px, em, etc). By default these are set to 400px height and 100% width.

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