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Markers & Popups

Add Markers

There are two ways to add markers.

  • Using the marker icon on the toolbar on the map
  • Using the search to find an exact address

If you want to place a marker by clicking, then look for this toolbar and click the marker icon:

After selecting the marker icon, you can click where you want on the map and a marker will appear.

If you want to place a marker using an address, then make sure that “Markers” is selected on the left under the map, and type your address into the search field:

Marker panel selected, add by address search bar visible

As you type, suggestions will appear. Once the address you are looking for appears, click it to select it. The map will zoom in to the location and your marker will be placed on the spot.

Suggestions appear as you type

Edit Markers

After creating a marker, it will be selected under the map and a small edit area will appear.

Here, you can click on buttons to edit the marker popup, change the marker icon, or change the marker title. The marker title is just to help you keep track of your markers in the edit panel!

If you ever need to return to this menu, click on the tile representing your marker.

Marker Icons

WP Mapbox GL JS offers you a choice of a few icons in the initial free version. This will be expanded in the future and in premium versions!

You can select your marker after creating it from the dropdown list that appears. If you can’t see the menu, make sure you have clicked on your marker’s tile in the Markers area.

Edit Popups

WP Mapbox GL JS lets you add content to a popup just as if it was a normal WordPress post! You can upload images, format text, and do whatever you want with it.

First, create a marker. A popup will appear with icons for editing and deletion. You can click on the Pencil icon to bring up the popup editor.

You can also click “Edit Marker Popup” in the edit area beneath the map.

You can manage markers using this interface.


Once you select the marker edit button, a content box will appear on top of the map. Upload or enter your content and press Save!

You can also select whether or not you want a popup to open when the map initially loads by using the checkbox in the edit area.

Delete Markers

You can select the Trash icon that appears in a marker popup, or the “Delete” button in the toolbar to delete your markers.

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