WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced is the next generation of WP Mapbox GL JS, packed with tons of amazing features and major updates from the free version! See the full documentation.

WP Mapbox GL JS Advanced includes:

  • Over 100 pre-created markers in 4 color variations
  • Custom markers via user upload
  • 3D filllayers using Mapbox’s 3D technologies
  • Color transparency control
  • Ability to import geoJSON, KML, and other geographic data
  • Map posts are created automatically
  • Map post categories and category management
  • Dataset management and synchronization with Mapbox account
  • Ability to export posts as geoJSON
  • Shape and marker categorization and front-end filters
  • Front-end filters for custom layers imported with your style
  • Custom directions to and from markers
  • Ability to turn scroll zooming on and off
  • A heck of a lot more…

We support this plugin actively and we are very open to adding new features, so just get in touch with us if one of your needs isn’t being met! We’re all about making sure this plugin works the way you need it to in order to make some amazing maps.